Family Time

Weeping Rock at Zion National Park - We love to spend time outside, and hikes are one of our favorite family activities.

Playing in the snow!

Oversized gingerbread house at the Grand America!
Shay's fourth birthday party. Michael was the master of party games!

Fall leaves!

Carving pumpkins for Halloween.

Visiting the Oregon Coast at Thanksgiving. (It was a little cold!)

Bowling! Shay was a big fan.
Visiting the dinosaur museum! Shay has a thing for dinosaurs. She would love it if we would take 
her to see Jurassic World, and is a little bummed out when we tell her she's notold enough yet!
Nickelcade! Shay could not stop playing -- she loved it.

Michael jumping on the tramp with Shay and her cousin at his parent's house in Idaho.

Swimming in Arizona with cousins, Grandpa, and Uncle Ryan (Camille's brother).

Hiking Scout Mountain in Idaho with Michael's family.