About Us

We love spending time together as a family. Michael and I enjoy getting outdoors, and Shayla loves going on walks and playing at the park. Michael and I like to relax at the end of a long day and watch a movie and one of our favorite TV shows together. We really love trying new restaurants and different kinds of food. We both love to travel and try to go to new places whenever we get a chance, even if it's just someplace close by that we've never been. We like hiking and being in the mountains, so we try to find opportunities for that, too.

We also like to visit with family and friends. Our families both live relatively close (a few hours away), and so we enjoy visiting with them every few months or on holidays. We feel lucky to have good friends around us, too.

Camille's interests:
I studied English in college, with a minor in editing, and worked for an educational company for several years. Now, I stay at home with Shay, which is the best job. I try to spend whatever time I can get reading. I like all kinds of books from young adult to nonfiction. One of my favorite ways to unwind is to get sucked into a good book. (Except when I can't put it down and end up staying up way too late!) Since being at home full time, I've tried to learn how to become a better cook and even tackled making a roast chicken! But I have to say that the best part of my day involves watching Shay discover her world and taking her to new places.

Michael's interests:
I like to stay inside and cook, watch TV or movies, and read sports magazines or mystery books. I like to get outside and barbeque, camp, hike, canoe, play games, have picnics, ride bikes, or ski. I also like running and try to keep up with it; I have run 10Ks and a half marathon. And I like to travel. I have a goal to visit every continent (maybe not Antarctica) and all 50 states.

Shayla's interests:
Shay is a very busy kid! She loves fruit, especially mandarin oranges. She likes giving her stuffed animals hugs and pushing them around in her mini-stroller. She also likes to have a little dance party, and she has really sweet dance moves! Shay squeals with joy when Dad comes home and loves having him chase her around the furniture until dinner's ready. She's also a big fan of the park, particularly the swings, although it took her a little while to warm up to them! She's got a sweet and curious personality. It's so much fun to watch her discover new things everyday.