Us on Shayla

Shayla is an amazing kid! She has grown so fast, and we love watching her grow. She is adventurous and fearless, ready to fly through the air on a swing, climb to new heights at the playground, and fall and be caught by her dad. Shay has a really sweet disposition. Even when she was an infant, she always had a patient and happy nature. She loves to be entertained and explore her world.

She loves to meet new kids and have them over to play. It's so fun to watch her interact, and laugh, and make friends. She is tender-hearted and can get her feelings hurt, but she's also brave and keeps trying new things until she can figure it out (she climbs on everything--which sometimes gives us a heart attack!). She wakes up talking and doesn't stop until she goes to bed! She is very inquisitive and loves going to preschool to learn new things.

Shayla is already a fantastic big sister. She is gentle and affectionate—practiced with nieces, nephews, and friends' little siblings. She gets very curious around babies, watching their every move and trying to make them smile. With her little sister, her loving spirit will shows through.

Ivy is a very sweet and wonderful baby girl. We feel so lucky to have her and her birth family in our lives. Her little personality is already starting to show through. She can track objects with her eyes, and will make funny faces. She is a great little cuddler, and we take all the snuggles we can get. She sleeps pretty well at night and is eating more and more every day! We love being her parents, and hope that she will one day get to be a big sister, too.