Camie on Michael

Michael is my best friend, and I feel like the luckiest girl to have found him. The first thing that attracted me to Michael was how responsible he is. I know that might sound kind of weird! But I really like how he has ambitions for the future, and then sets out to accomplish them with enthusiasm. He never lets fear hold him back, and he works hard to achieve his goals. I like the fact that he is a man with a plan! Michael is natural leader, which is to say that he’s not overbearing or bossy, he’s the complete opposite. He works well with people and steps up to the plate when he’s asked to, and he does a good job. I can always count on him.

Michael is kind and generous and patient with others. He loves being around people and looks for the good in them. He always makes time for and is there for the people he loves. I always say that his mother must have taught him well because he has an amazing amount of respect for people.

One thing I love best about Michael is his subtle sense of humor. He can talk to anyone and get them to smile. He always keeps me in stitches at home, and we have a great time laughing together. Unfortunately, I am not as humorously gifted as he is, so I try really hard to make him laugh back! His sense of humor also allows him to have a laid-back attitude about life. When I stress out, he finds the silver lining and helps me to look at the bright side. He doesn’t take life too seriously, and he helps me to laugh my way through life as well.

It's been so wonderful to watch Michael with our girls. From his first moments with them, something in him changed--I could see it in his face. He truly beams when he's with them. He comes home from work ready to play. Shay knows the sound of the key in the door and runs over to meet him. I like to think of them as sparring buddies because there is nothing that Shay loves more than playing chase with her dad. She especially loves getting caught! And she just giggles the whole time. Michael's gentle side really comes out with her as he comforts her when she's upset. He loves to cuddle with Ivy, and feed and rock her. He's a very involved dad, and he loves to take her places and show her new things. Though I realize I'm biased, he's the best husband and father I could have imagined.